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Akashic Session for Space

30 mins

90SGD / ~75USD

An Akashic session for space communicates with the space as an energetic entity to learn things such as:

- the quality of energy in the space

- the history of the space

- whether any entities live in the space and how to act based on this information

- what will create a harmonious living space with positive energy flow and abundance (practical advice on furniture, decor, wall colours etc.)

- how to achieve your spatial desires

- if the space has any requests for its users and inhabitants

Good for deciding whether to rent/buy a place, renovation, revamp, stuck energies, pre-art-installation, and the like.


For spaces that you own, rent, or work in. This reading be done by simply furnishing the full address of the space, nothing additional needed.

For currencies that convert very differently, please get in touch.

Because I believe spiritual guidance should be made more accessible, I designate SLIDING SCALE AND FREE SPOTS every month. Read more and fill in the form here.

♡  w h a t   t o   e x p e c t  ♡ 


Sessions can be done over Zoom or phone call. Akashic sessions for self are available in-person.

Sessions can be conducted in English or Mandarin. 

Sessions are audio-recorded and sent to you after.

Please plan to be alone, undisturbed, and indoors for the length of the session. It is best to have little or no plans after so you can rest and integrate.

Come with 3-5 questions. Whatever you feel called to ask is the right thing. 

More information will be sent upon booking.

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