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"Salty's reading cut straight to the truth and sent me on so many healing avenues. It simplified things that I was over-complicating and helped me understand parts of my psyche that I had previously struggled to access. This was not a typical akashic reading, it was an encounter with an artist-as-channel, an electrifying, poetic translation of life, it went beyond 'getting guidance' and hit me on an integrative/embodied level that only Salty's genius could have held space for. "


- Blair B.


Artist + Astrologer

Los Angeles, CA

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"my reading with Cosmic Friend was so affirming. the information i received was offered with clarity, care, and no hesitations. following my reading, i have been able to more clearly see and understand my path forward and align myself and my motivations with my karmic destiny. i would recommend Cosmic Friend to anyone feeling unsure of where to turn next, anyone looking for clarity, and anyone looking to understand their purpose in this lifetime."

- h b

"Receiving Akashic readings and clearings from Cosmic Friend this past year has helped heal me through some difficult times. From physical ailments to emotional ones, the clearings always bring me into a healthier state of being, and are a grounding experience. My Akashic reading was both profound and playful, in a way that helped me feel comfortable taking what I needed. It helped me gain clarity on family, love and life path dynamics, to make more empowered boundaries and choices."

- Crystal Jiko

dance artist

Portland, OR


"Salty was gentle and grounded throughout and suggested and revealed threads and connections to me that I had previously not even considered. Her reading was pragmatic in many ways in that it was helpful for me to make sense of things that I needed immediate guidance for. Throughout the session, I felt heard, safe and in good hands."

- Zach
31, he/him 
Person, Singapore

"I worked with Cosmic Friend doing Akashic energy clearings and activations over a two month period, and during that time (and afterwards) got in touch with my deepest directions and magnetic paths. Xi Jie opened the bridge with insight and compassion."


- Ramsay


Darawal Nation

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a_chefchaouen pickle.jpg

"The universe works in mysterious ways. I met Cosmic Friend through cosmic circumstances and was immediately connected to an amazing friend who helped me find the trail of star dust I had lost. I hope our paths cross again and again, as the energy shared was lovely and abundant. Thank you for doing what you do!"

- Nikko

Cosmos Abstraction

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