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Akashic Session for Self

60 mins

180SGD / ~130USD

Classic, in-depth session


There are various ways of accessing the records; I work the Akashic Masters. We enter a sacred space and get in touch with the records of your soul while basking in higher dimensional energies. Your Akashic record keepers and other higher dimensional light beings guide the process as loving allies, while Cosmic Friend guides the conversation. The process is a safe, intimate three-way encounter geared towards your evolution and highest magic.


Common subjects include life purpose, relationships, toxic situations, work,  health, family pain, and gifts. All that is shared is done so gently with the aim of healing. The energies are loving and comforting. Your guide is experienced in holding space for you.


About 40 minutes of reading leads to about 20 minutes of energy and light healing work guided by the Akashic Masters. This clears, shifts and activates energies, moves blockages, heals cords and attachments, as well as integrates the wisdoms shared.

"Salty's reading cut straight to the truth and sent me on so many healing avenues. It simplified things that I was over-complicating and helped me understand parts of my psyche that I had previously struggled to access. This was not a typical akashic reading, it was an encounter with an artist-as-channel, an electrifying, poetic translation of life, it went beyond 'getting guidance' and hit me on an integrative/embodied level that only Salty's genius could have held space for. "


- Blair B.


Artist + Astrologer

Los Angeles, CA

Akashic sessions for self can be done once every 6 months, or less if questions are different.

Also available as a bundle of 3 x 60 mins to be used within 9 months, for those engaging in intense inner work and would like to be supported over a period of time. Cost: 500SGD / ~370USD

For currencies that convert very differently, please get in touch.

Because I believe spiritual guidance should be made more accessible, I designate SLIDING SCALE AND FREE SPOTS every month. Read more and fill in the form here.

♡  w h a t   t o   e x p e c t  ♡ 

Sessions can be done over Zoom, phone or in-person. Read about the difference between remote and in-person sessions here.

Sessions can be conducted in English or Mandarin. 

Sessions are audio-recorded and sent to you after.

Please plan to be alone, undisturbed, and indoors for the length of the session. It is best to have little or no plans after so you can rest and integrate.

Come with 3-5 questions. Whatever you feel called to ask is the right thing. 

More information will be sent upon booking.


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book as per normal with a random date and select this is a gift. I will be in touch.

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