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cosmic transmissions ~

What are the Akashic Records, also known as soul readings?

The Akasha* is a higher realm of consciousness. It is spiritual, not religious. Within this realm is the Akashic Records, an ever-changing, ever-updating cosmic library of all that was, is, and will be. Within the records, we can learn about past and present, as well as sense into possibilities for the future - it is not predictive.


*Akasha is a Sanskrit word referring to "upper sky" or "ether" in traditional Indian cosmology. It is worth noting that the term Akashic Records was coined by the 19th century Western occultism and spiritualism movement.

Who resides in the Akashic realm?

Our record keepers, guides, angels, and other light beings who are our allies, not authoritarian figures. Some have been with us for many lifetimes. They watch over us lovingly, providing guidance with compassion and kindness. The Akashic energies are grounding, loving, and often relaxing. While there are various ways to access the Akashic records, I currently access the Akashic Records through working with the Akashic masters.

Who accesses the Akashic Records?

In the past, mystics, sages and those who studied at ancient mystery schools accessed this energetic realm. Everyone else momentarily and unintentionally accesses this realm, such as in intuitive moments, or when in a state of flow (perhaps deeply engaged in writing/art/performance). Now, anyone can be trained to access this realm intentionally for healing purposes.


What does it mean to open someone's Akashic Records?

My teacher Tarra Tae says that to open someone else’s Akashic Records is to experience the privilege of sitting in their soul’s records. This is not taken lightly. The reader dialogues with the querent’s masters and guides, serving as facilitator, healer, and ally. And every person's records has a unique flavour.


Why understand the past?

We are a result of our past. Understanding dynamics of the past can help see the trajectory of our soul's journey from a cosmic perspective across lifetimes, understand and accept challenging events and people, and heal from the trauma that all souls go through. Reclaiming power and energy left in the past (dimensions, lives, situations, people, places etc., ranging from many lifetimes ago to yesterday) can help us be present in the now, to create liberated futures. The querent is conveyed messages that they are ready to receive for their highest good. 

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