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This page contains information on:
Session types
Akashic drawings
Zoom vs In-person sessions

Session types

X   Basic Akashic healing - with taster option for first timers only (30 mins) 

X   Akashic session for self (60 mins) 

X   Akashic session for project/business (30 mins) 

X   Akashic session for space (30 mins) 

X   Akashic session for plant (30 mins) 

Akashic drawings
akashic drawings.jpg

A visual imprint of your session ~


I believe in the direct link between imagination/creative acts/drawing and the Akashic realm. Akashic sessions for self come with the option of a drawing inspired by the reading, for an extra $35 (SGD). See some Cosmic Friend drawings here.

How you might want to use your drawing: meditate with it, print it for your wall, use it as your phone wallpaper, send it to your lovers & friends

Note that drawings tend to be simple, intuitive imprints, can be figurative or abstract, use black ink or colour - they can express anything inspired by the reading. A4 or Letter sized drawing will be sent as a JPEG image within a day.

Zoom vs In-Person

Zoom sessions are not any less powerful than in-person sessions. They allow us to connect across the world/country from the comfort of our personal spaces. You can remain comfortable before, during and after the reading - especially after readings, where you probably want to lie down and rest.

In-person sessions* satisfy the need for an in-person connection, flesh sharing space. Sometimes home isn’t a safe space, or you just need to get out.

Noting these, pick what feels right for you.

*Currently, in-person sessions are only offered for one-hour sessions.

In-Person sessions at Altered States
66 Kampong Bugis, #04-00, Singapore 338987

image credit: Altered States

It’s been a dream of mine to offer in-person sessions at Altered States, a lovely healing and wellness centre nestled by the Kallang River in Singapore.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to provide a soul-deepening complement to the range of offerings at Altered States - from movement and sound baths, to meditation and ecstatic dance.

Meet with me and your Akashic Records in this space. You can consider pairing it with one of their offerings.